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Lasershark 12ft LiDAR Ranging Sensor

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The Lasershark (Copperforge 12ft Laser Rangefinder) is an advanced LiDAR ranging sensor that combines the STMicroelectronics VL53L1X laser ranging sensor with advanced signal processing to precisely measure distances to objects between 2" and 12' away, with .2" (5mm) resolution. It offers precise ranging up to 12ft in an easy-to-use form factor and interface, and onboard firmware allows students to interact with this complex sensor with only a standard 3-wire 0.1" pitch cable and minimal programming.

To determine distance, the sensor transmits a pulse of laser light, and measures the time for it to bounce back, which can then be converted into a distance measurement given the speed of light. This method is far more accurate than calculating the distance based on reflected light intensity or speed of sound, yielding superior performance over ultrasonic and infrared sensors.

Note: after receiving your Lasershark, remember to remove the orange protective film on the VL53L1X! Keeping it on will introduce some ranging error and throw off your readings, if it doesn't cause ranging to fail completely.

Designed and assembled in the USA!


Package Contents

  • 0.1" pin header
  • Acrylic backplane
  • 12" PWM cable (female to female)