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Controleo3 Reflow Oven (Ready-to-run)

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These are built according to the Whizoo build guide, and have been tested so that they are ready to reflow your boards. They come pre-loaded with profiles for leaded and lead-free reflow, but you are able to modify them. Maximum supported board size is 8" x 10.5". The ovens require a standard 110V 15A circuit.

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Giant leap forward to Controleo3

Controleo3 was designed to address ControLeo2's shortcomings, and extend the controller's capabilities far into the future. It retains ControLeo2's strengths like ease-of-use, flexibility and openness but dramatically increases performance and usability.

  • 4" 480 x 320 color touchscreen
  • Processor is 12 times faster
  • 10 times more memory and 40 times the storage
  • Supports 6 outputs (up from 4)
  • Support for up to 28 profiles
  • PID support, with intelligent tuning
  • SD card support for log files (coming soon), screenshots and reflow profiles
  • Upgraded thermocouple IC has line-voltage filtering
  • Hardware is more robust (dare we say idiot-proof?)

What makes Controleo3 the best reflow oven controller?

The Controleo3 controller and oven should be considered top-of-the-line. A lot of engineering and experience has gone into making the Controleo3 reflow oven, and there are currently more than 1500 customers world-wide using either ControLeo, ControLeo2 and the latest Controleo3.

If you are only doing small boards and using leaded solder paste you can get away with a less-capable controller and poorly insulated oven. But how much is your time worth? What is the value of the components you plan to use? What is the turn-around time to order new boards or components when they get heat-damaged? Do yourself a favor and build yourself a great reflow oven. Do it once, and do it right!

Controleo3's advantages:
  • Six outputs
    Control convection fans, cooling fans and heater elements individually.
  • Better heat distribution
    Having control over individual heating elements allows you to keep heat away from sensitive components.
  • Hot-spot elimination
    Intelligent software manages element on-time, reducing hot and cold spots in the oven.
  • Better heat direction
    Ability to specify if heat comes from the top or bottom, depending on the reflow phase.
  • Better current management
    Elements are turned on and off independently eliminating the current spikes common in single-relay controllers.
  • Ready-to-run
    No programming needed. Just configure the fans and elements your oven has and the software will do the rest.
  • Profile support
    Support for up to 28 user-defined profiles.
  • Intelligent PID tuning
    PID tuning is done automagically during a learning run.
  • Proven hardware
    Controleo3 is based on the open-source Arduino Zero. It expands the capabilities of ControLeo2, which was field-tested for years.
  • Open-source
    Controleo3 is fully compatible with the Arduino programming environment, and runs Arduino Zero sketches. A library and "Reflow Wizard" software for Controleo3 is available on GitHub.
  • User upgradable
    Controleo3's firmware can be upgraded by you, whenever there is a new software release.
  • Reflow Wizard
    Intelligent software makes it easy to get your oven up and running. Ensures consistent results, run after run.
  • Reflow feedback
    If you connect Controleo3 to a computer you can track the reflow progress and get data to plot a reflow temperature graph. Support for SD card logging will be added soon.
  • Servo support
    Supports industry-standard servos, so the oven door is automatically opened at the end of the reflow cycle to start the cooling process.
  • Baking
    The baking mode supports a full range of temperatures, and a duration of up to 168 hours.